How to Get to Angkor Thom from the Airport

The Siem Reap International Airport (SRIA) is just a few minutes away from Angkor Wat, the entrance of which is just less than 2 kilometers away from the southern gate of Angkor Thom. Prior research is a plus so you are fully aware of where you intend to go and how much prices are pegged for various necessities including transportation, food, accommodation and souvenirs among others.

SRIA is considered one of the world's busiest airports. Tourist flock the airport because of its proximity to the Angkor Complex. The following airlines have flights available to SRIA:

Be reminded of the following when you arrive in the area:

  • From the Siem Reap Airport, you have the option to ride a taxi straight to Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom. Most tourists stop by Angkor Wat first before taking a side trip to the old Khmer capital. Ideally and in the event the driver charges you with the regular meter rate, a taxi ride from the airport to the Angkor Wat area would cost tourists between 2 and 5 USD. If you are going straight to Angkor Thom, give or take take a few dollars more. Negotiation skills are a plus so drivers can take you there without extra charges.
  • Some tourists prefer to go on foot or ride a tuk tuk, following the length of the Airport Road, where most of the hotels, hostels, guesthouses and dining and entertainment places can be found. The Airport Road is also near the town center, where you can do some shopping and buy souvenirs. Some tuk tuks do not charge much. A market ride may only cost you a dollar or two. If you intend to explore the expansive Angkor complex, riding a tuk tuk for the rest of the day can save you a lot of needed energy.